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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat May 24 15:46:31 EDT 2014

Colin Holgate

 > Thanks, Richard, for the chat. It can be quite hard to do, especially
 > if it takes 60 seconds for questions to appear!

Many thanks to you and the others who attended the Q&A chats.  The 
general consensus seems to be that Global Jams are as good a thing for 
LiveCode as they are for other open source projects, so I imagine we'll 
have more in the future.

 > I gather that Richard’s hangout wasn’t the only one to experience
 > this, but there seems to be a 1 minute delay between when a
 > participant posts a question and when the YouTube/Hangout presenter
 > sees the question.
 > Can there be a “questions” handler? That person would be on Google
 > Plus, or IM, or anything else that is instant, and could let the
 > presenter know that there is a new question right now?

Definitely room for improvement, but I think a lot of it has to do with 
gaining more familiarity with the Google Hangout interface.  I've seen 
it used very productively in the Ubuntu Developer Summits and their 
Global Jams, so I know it can work.

Perhaps we should consider video chats outside of Global Jam events on a 
regular basis?  Maybe just addressing community issues and projects? 
Practice makes perfect. :)

 > BTW, I want a colin at email address! No idea what it
 > will be good for, but let me have it now.

Like the Linux Foundation, the LiveCode open source project offers both 
individual and student membership packages, which include a 
email address.

It's a great way to support the project, and includes learning materials 
and other good benefits as well - check it out:


One of the more interesting benefits there is an answer for those using 
the Community Edition who'd like to deploy to the iOS app store:

    Free App iOS Store Licensing
    Submit named, free apps to the iOS App store.

    Perfect if you’re just starting out creating completely free
    software with the LiveCode Community edition. The Apple iOS
    App Store is currently incompatible with the GPL license, so
    while you can distribute your free software for other platforms
    such as Android, you can’t submit to the Apple store.

    As a LiveCode Member you can submit your free noncommercial
    app to us and we will provide a license that will allow you
    to submit your app "closed source" to the iOS app store. This
    service is exclusively available to LiveCode Members. The first
    submission each year is free, after that there is a $25
    administration fee per submission.

  Richard Gaskin
  LiveCode Community Manager
  richard at

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