Handler is being ignored: Why?

Paul Dupuis paul at researchware.com
Fri May 23 15:09:51 EDT 2014

I have a command "thisCommand" that calles a 2nd command "thatCommand"
which is in a btn script inserted as a backscript. So

on startup
  -- some stuff
  insert script of btn "thatCommandButton" of stack "myBackscripts" into
  -- some more stuff
end startup

btn "thatCommandButton" contains

on thatCommand pArg1, pArg2
  -- some stuff
  answer pArg1 && pArg2
end thatCommand

and finally my main script

on thisCommand
  -- do a bunch of stuff
  thatCommand arg1, arg2
  -- more stuff
end thisCommand

The symptom I am running into is that "thisCommand" never calls
"thatCommand" I can set a breakpoint in the debugger and step line by
line. When it gets to "thatCommand arg1, arg2" it steps right over it
(like it was a singel statement rathet than a handler that it should
step into) instead of INTO it and the command is never invoked. That
seems to imply that it recognizes that the handler "thatCommand" is
defined but is not executing it. I have checked to make sure that
lockMessages is false. I have put the backScripts into msg to verify
that the script is present in the backscripts. If I replace thatCommand
with a fake handler name, LC throw a proper handler "not found error"

Does the order backscripts are inserted matter? thisCommand is actually
also in a backscript that is inserted BEFORE the script containing

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