LiveCode Global Jam kicks off in a few hours!

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu May 22 18:41:39 EDT 2014

The LiveCode community's first Global Jam is almost here, our chance to 
come together as a community to help deliver the best version of 
LiveCode ever, 7.0.

All the details are in RevNet - in the LiveCode IDE, choose 

The LiveCode Global Jam features three live video chats:

Friday, May 23, 10AM GMT (UK)
Kickoff Q&A with LiveCode Product Manager Ben Beaumont

Friday, May 23, 6PM GMT (UK)
"Ask Me Anything" - Q&A with RunRev CEO Kevin Miller

Saturday, May 24, 9AM PDT (California)
Discuss documentation and other projects with LiveCode Community Manager 
Richard Gaskin

Test Fest! - Download LiveCode 7.0 here and start testing:

Discuss your findings in the Global Jam forum:

Need help pinning down a bug recipe?  The Testing Support forum will be 
monitored throughout the Global Jam by volunteers to help:

Real-time bug fixes!
RunRev is devoting much of their engineering staff to fixing bugs as 
they come in.

Thanks in advance for all the effort from the community during this 
Global Jam to make LiveCode 7 the solid reference platform we can all 
build on going forward.

  Richard Gaskin
  LiveCode Community Manager
  richard at

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