sloooowww standalone building with many included files

Chris Sheffield cmsheffield at
Thu May 22 14:29:23 EDT 2014

So I have an app. An iOS app. This app includes lots and lots of small audio files (nearly 8500). All those files are in a folder, which is included in the Copy Files pane of the standalone build settings. Creating the build works just fine, but it takes a very long time. I haven’t kept track exactly, but probably close to 10 minutes. Maybe not quite.

Anyway, can anyone think of a way to speed this up? I tried creating my own routine to copy that folder into the app bundle in a savingMobileStandalone handler. This worked very well as far as the copying goes. I used revCopyFolder and it worked great and was very quick. It probably only took about 20 seconds to create the build, if that. Unfortunately, it appears that the signing of the app takes place *before* what happens in the savingMobileStandalone handler, which seems to be invalidating the signature, as the app bundle is being modified after the signing. I was able to manually install the app on my device and run it just fine, but once I uploaded the build to Testflight for testing purposes, no one was able to download and install it successfully from there.

So any thoughts? Or should I create an enhancement request to see if the build process can be sped up a bit. Not sure why it takes so long, when revCopyFolder is quite fast.


Chris Sheffield
Read Naturally, Inc.

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