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Thu May 22 11:30:15 EDT 2014

On May 22, 2014, at 2:26 AM, Phil Jimmieson <phil at>

> Hi Devin,
> if you have more than one reference to the same image, then you'd presumably have to set all of their filenames to something else, then the old image would be removed from the cache, but yes - what I'm doing is just setting the filename of the image to empty and then back to the filename of the (now modified) image on disk and LiveCode loads that newly modified image into its image cache and displays it. I agree that the documentation should say something about this - I had no idea that was how this worked and spent a while looking for something that would flush the cache etc. etc. before posting here and getting the very helpful response from Ben.

I've added a note to the dictionary about removing an image from the cache. It is submitted "pending approval". Anyone at RunRev monitoring this nowadays?


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