UPDATE: Make stack close itself

Robert Brenstein rjb at robelko.com
Wed May 21 14:48:21 EDT 2014

On 21.05.2014 at 18:31 Uhr +0000 Bob Sneidar apparently wrote:
>Okay well that is making a little more sense. So if I put an on idle 
>handler in all my stacks and then pass the message, it should filter 
>down to my mainstack. I suppose I could insert the 
>stack-closing-code in all my substacks, but that makes me feel dirty 
>somehow. ;-)
>Bob S

Idle is not the way to go IMHO. Try the flight recorder to see what 
is really going on. From a design point of view, a strategy to handle 
opening and closing work stacks (substacks) from a script in the 
mainstack should work. However, the substacks must have the 
destroystack property set and do not have any messages in the pending 
queue among others. Have you checked frontscripts?


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