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Phil Jimmieson phil at
Wed May 21 07:52:03 EDT 2014

Hi folks,
as far as I understand it, with the new image caching features of LiveCode 6 and later, images are loaded into a cache based on their full filename and then every reference to that image in LiveCode uses the cached copy. I've got an image on disk that is used in my program, and the image on disk is subject to change. It seems though, that once I've loaded the image once (via a referenced image on a card), no attempt is made by LiveCode to fetch the image from disk again and I can't figure out a way to force it to get the new version of the image. Is there a way to flush an image from the cache so that the next time the image is fetched it is loaded from disk and not from the image cache, or is the only solution to change the filename each time? The LiveCode program in questions is supposed to run on Mac and Windows (though at some point, this may bite me on iOS too).

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