RELEASE LiveCode 6.7 DP4

Benjamin Beaumont ben at
Tue May 20 12:20:45 EDT 2014

Dear LiveCode User,

We are pleased to announce the preview release of LiveCode 6.7.0 DP4.

The primary focus of this release is cocoa support. This required us to
re-port LiveCode to the newer Mac platform API’s (cocoa). As a result,
there may be some instabilities on Mac OS.

THERE ARE INSTABILITIES IN THIS RELEASE so please take care to use backups
of your stacks when testing.

*Release Contents*

   - Clipboard data 'styledText' array accessor.
   - Cocoa Support
   - Improved revBrowser external
   - In-App Purchasing
   - OS 10.5 (Leopard) Support (dropped)
   - 99 bug fixes:
      - 12418 - Mail attachment from app file fails
      - 12414 - Setting usePixelScaling causes infinite window reopening
      loop on Mac.
      - 12384 - revBrowserOpenCEF doesn't send browserDocumentComplete when
      setting htmltext
      - 12367 - Standard menu items with tags (Cut/Copy/Paste etc.) do not
      enabled/disable correctly.
      - 12365 - After \"putting\" return into a Field, a visible residue is
      left from the cursor
      - 12364 - Crash when calling revBrowserClose on revCEFBrowser
      - 12350 - The fontStyles is incorrect on iOS
      - 12348 - Scrollbars don\'t get keyboard input when focused if no
      field is on the card on Mac.
      - 12329 - Menu items are all disabled in modal dialogs on Mac.
      - 12328 - Make sure invisible stacks still have a valid windowId on
      - 12324 - New CEF-based revBrowser has no authentication dialog
      - 12319 - Drag and drop going wrong when Display switched to 150%
      - 12304 - Pasting LiveCode controls from other copies of LiveCode
      doesn't work
      - 12299 - formattedWidth/Height of player objects is incorrect
      - 12294 - Crash and flaky behaviour at certain points.
      - 12286 - Maximising a window where only the title-bar is on-screen
      causes a crash on Mac.
      - 12284 - Command key shortcuts don\'t work if revBrowser has focus
      on Mac.
      - 12270 - Stack location is always constrained to screen on Mac.
      - 12267 - Resize stack cursor not set sometimes.
      - 12265 - Rounded rects are drawn incorrectly when using the image
      editing tools with a linesize 1
      - 12264 - resizable and maximise decorations not honoured correctly
      on Mac.
      - 12259 - Answer dialogs do not respond to mouse input if opened from
      a menu on Mac.
      - 12255 - dragDrop sometimes doesn't work when dropping from other
      applications (on Mac).
      - 12254 - dragImageOffset is incorrect horizontally on Mac.
      - 12253 - Crash after releasing mouse on stack after drag-drop
      operation on Mac.
      - 12252 - File > Exit menu item not hidden on Mac.
      - 12249 - Player object does not respond properly to edit tool.
      - 12239 - Magnification window shows corrupted image.
      - 12237 - Attempt to attach to the launching console on Windows (if
      any) in standalones.
      - 12236 - Dropdown menus are clipped on Windows when text scale > 100%
      - 12235 - Tooltips clipped on Windows when text scaling > 100%
      - 12230 - Accelerated rendering mode doesn't work correctly on Mac if
      using coregraphics mode.
      - 12227 - When Windows screen display is set to 125% popups sometimes
      - 12226 - revBrowser doesn't grab mouse focus on Mac.
      - 12223 - Windows backdrop doesn't cover the full desktop area when
      displayed on a high-dpi screen.
      - 12216 - the qtVersion returns empty
      - 12210 - revBrowserSnapshot not working on Windows with IE9+
      - 12206 - Buttons of menu type can\'t be inspected if first created
      - 12200 - Some filesystem entries in the root of a volume on Mac
      report as files when they are really folders.
      - 12185 - Standalone engine crashes when -ui specified on Linux.
      - 12183 - Clicking in the scrollbar well doesn't work if the click is
      too short.
      - 12182 - \'the pageRanges\' doesn't work on fields with more than
      64K chars.
      - 12175 - Setting the usePixelScaling property doesn't update all
      windows on Mac.
      - 12173 - Styling does not work for certain iOS fonts
      - 12170 - Non-existent command line parameter variables ($) behave
      strangely with split.
      - 12163 - Beach-ball shows in tight loops on Mac.
      - 12146 - setting tabstops to 2 equal numbers and then turning vGrid
      on hangs LC
      - 12130 - Resize cursor does not always display in window edges on
      - 12125 - put the executionContexts crashes LiveCode server
      - 12116 - NullPointerException on device logcat when app was launched
      and closed if in-app purchasing box is not ticke
      - 12115 - Import / export snapshot from rect of window ignores rect
      on OSX
      - 12109 - \"Export snapshot ... from window ...\" wrongly scales
      snapshot rect
      - 12107 - exit causes LiveCode server to crash
      - 12105 - LiveCode server crashed if you call paramCount()
      - 12101 - Graphics missing from imported Hypercard stack
      - 12099 - On awakening Android device from sleep, part of app is
      blacked out
      - 12089 - Setting a player filename to a url causes hang.
      - 12088 - The script editor doesn't scroll horizontally as text is
      - 12087 - moveStack messages are not sent continuously on Mac.
      - 12086 - rawKeyDown sends incorrect code for shifted keys on Mac.
      - 12085 - \"export snapshot of window ...\" locks up on OSX
      - 12082 - Changing an applied pattern causes the IDE to crash
      - 12080 - Setting hidePalettes to false does not work on Mac.
      - 12073 - Make sure \'unlock cursor\' takes immediate effect, rather
      than at next mouseMove on Mac.
      - 12068 - No default menubar in standalones on Mac.
      - 12058 - The backdrop on Windows is always black
      - 12056 - Clicking on a cell of a table field causes the IDE to crash
      - 12047 - Arrow keys don\'t work in CEF browser on Mac.
      - 12044 - Opaque groups do not completely draw their backgrounds when
      acceleratedRendering is enabled
      - 12037 - Slow-down in setting contents of fields on Windows since
      - 12027 - On Retina Mac\'s scrollbars with small thumbs render
      smaller than they should.
      - 12020 - Caret is too thin on Retina displays.
      - 12010 - Windows engine hangs after multiple stack redraws.
      - 12008 - import screen snapshot on iOS creates image of incorrect
      - 12006 - HTTP (HTML) URLs encoded with anything other than a native
      character set are returned incorrectly
      - 11975 - \"import snapshot from rect ...\" only imports part of the
      screen on Windows
      - 11964 - Spacing is incorrect for Windows scaled text
      - 11933 - effective textColor returns empty value for styled text
      - 11922 - Players do not render at correct size on Retina Macs.
      - 11920 - Memory leak in bitmap effects with spread of non-zero
      radius (e.g. spread 100%, radius 1; spread 50%, radius 2)
      - 11917 - Setting the label of an option or combo-box does not update
      the menuHistory.
      - 11904 - Italic characters with underhang are clipped on windows
      - 11895 - mobileComposeMail missing attachment in Android (Android
      - 11884 - Stoked graphics clipped when printed
      - 11860 - uuid and randomBytes functions don\'t work on iOS when
      Encryption support is not included
      - 11808 - pixelScaling not enabled on Windows Commercial edition
      - 11748 - Crash when putting an empty string into an XML node using
      - 11708 - Android apps only partially drawn after rotating device
      during lock screen
      - 11690 - Once large scripts start scrolling the script editor, it
      won\'t stop for a long time on Windows.
      - 11689 - ResizeControl is not sent when resizing images
      - 11662 - Round buttons are drawn incorrectly
      - 11603 - Backdrop not displayed on Linux
      - 11370 - Anti-aliasing inconsistent for 1 pixel lines and curves
      - 11072 - magnify and edit image crashes LC
      - 10767 - Non-CEF browser not working in modal dialogs on Mac.
      - 8041 - Only allow interaction with scrollbars on groups in browse
      - 6400 - On Mac, a tab button with a single item does not draw
      - 5545 - The mouse cursor does not hide when typing on Mac.
      - 2627 - The machine() function returns \"unknown\" under Mac OSX

* Our in-app purchasing implementation for the Amazon AppStore is
unfortunately restricted to commercial license holders only. This is due to
the Amazon PML license being incompatible with the GPL. If you wish to use
the Amazon in-app purchasing features of LiveCode you will need to be a
valid commercial licence holder.

For full details of features and fixes please see the release notes.

*Known Issues*

   - We are yet to implement an AVFoundation version of the player object.
   - Performance on High DPI system slow from 6.6 onwards. Our head of
   technology posted about this on our blog last week. We plan to refine his
   prototype and include during the 6.7 cycle. For those of you who missed
   the post you can read it here:

As always we appreciate very much all those who help us refine these early
If you are a browser object user, we would appreciate you testing your
projects with the new revBrowser external. You can create both old and new
WebKit browser instances. Please see the release notes for details of how
to create the WebKit variant. The original revBrowser object remains

If you are a mac users please test all your projects by opening them and
seeing how they behave in the new windowing system. Your apps will now be
rendering entirely in the cocoa windowing framework so you’ll notice subtle

If you have a mobile app that uses in-app purchases please see the
release notes
for details of the new in-app API. You will need to make some minor changes
to your projects to ensure that your in-app purchases remain functional
with LiveCode 6.7. The new API is cleaner and simpler as well as supporting
the two additional stores and subscriptions.

*Reporting Bugs*
If you encounter an issue with this release please submit a bug report to
our quality centre:

*Get the release*
To upgrade to this release please select "check for updates" from the help
menu in LiveCode or download the installers directly at:

For lessons related to the new in-app purchasing api please see:

Warm regards,

The LiveCode Team


Benjamin Beaumont . RunRev Ltd

LiveCode Product Manager
mail : 25a Thistle Street Lane South West, Edinburgh, EH2 1EW
email : ben at
company : +44(0) 845 219 89 23
fax : +44(0) 845 458 8487
web :

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