Double-Value Unicode?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon May 19 00:43:47 EDT 2014

On 5/18/14, 3:55 PM, Dar Scott wrote:
> My comments on this topic have been terse and cryptic and thus less
> helpful that they should be.  To make up for that I made a
> introduction to LiveCode and surrogates and sent it to this list.
> Unfortunately, the list software recognized it as belabored and is
> holding it for approval.
> So, we might get in in the list mail, sometime.  Maybe.

Thanks very much! I admit the conversation has been over my head. I know 
zilch about unicode and am still wrapping my brain around the basics.

If your tutorial is a stack, I don't think you can post it here. 
Enclosures aren't allowed. Can you put it somewhere for download? I'm 
looking forward to seeing it, I need educating.

Thanks for your work, Dar.

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