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Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sat May 17 07:28:41 EDT 2014

On 17/05/14 13:32, Terence Heaford wrote:
> What would happen if the use of  LiveCode development on a Mac diminished from 11% to say 1% what would be the incentive for LiveCode to develop for this platform?
> When all said and done, they are in it for the money.

I jalouse that's a bit unkind in light of Livecode's Open Source version.

Aiblins RunRev may get more money, eventually, from their Open Source 
version; but as they
have just ploughed their Kickstarter funds intil loads of R & D, it 
won't be anytime soon.

And, I see you have confused 2 quite separate things again:

1. Livecode on the Mac platform,


2. Deployment of Livecode standalones on the Mac platform.

The 2 are not the same.

For the sake of argument, I have a "little number" called 'ПИСМО' that 
is a comprehensive
entry method for Old Church Slavonic in both Old Cyrillic and Glagolitic.

I am developing this on Mac OS, but, so far, all my uptake has been from 
people who
run Windows XP. The great strength of Livecode is that this does not 
trouble me at all
(although I do tend to run my end-products on a wide variety of 
operating systems so
that they go "splat" with me rather than chummy).

I develop on Mac OS as this is the system I prefer to develop on with 
Livecode (although for everything else I work 99% of the time with 
Ubuntu Studio).

Now, the RunRev people have to consider a number of factors (which they 
have demonstrated in the past):

1. Who wants to develop ON what?

2. Who wants to deploy ON what?

I have, right next to me while I write this, a Macintosh G3 iMac on 
which I run Mac OS 9
(for the simple reason that I own Mac 'Classic' versions of 3D graphic 
programs which I still use
on a regular basis). Now RunRev stopped Mac Classic version of Livecode 
back during version 2,
but allowed standalones to be produced for Mac Classic through version 3.

I transfer code across to the G3 to make Mac OS 9 versions (with version 
2) for friends who teach
in Botswana and othe places with "out-dated" machines they have had 
lobbed at them.

At one time RunRev had versions of Livecode for all sorts of systems 
(SPARC, IRIS and so on),
but no longer do. But their Linux support has grown.

To be honest I doubt RunRev know themselves what systems they will be 
supporting 5 towmonds hence,
as I don't just suppose any one them have an eye intil the future any 
more than Thee or Me.

And while RunRev probably do like to have money in their bank accounts 
and cheese in their fridges
(who does not?) I don't think they are "ONLY" in it for the money. Quite 
frankly any company that produces something for people can no longer 
afford (as if they ever could) to produce something
"only" for the money: word gets around gae quickly, and afore thou 
knowest the company is losing
money faster than a leaky toilet.

I can never work out why the socialist fellow traveller brigade have 
managed to create the impression
that any private firm is made up of a bunch of "capitalistic bastards" 
who want to squeeze
the "suckers" until the pips squeak.

First off: there are probably no more "capitalistic bastards" than there 
are "lefty bastards".

Secondly: There are no "bastards" of any political colour in RunRev. 
They are a bunch of clever,
hard-working people who believe in their product (Thank God), and very 
human and very warm.

Also, RunRev would find keeping their marvellous product going without 
money rolling in
just as impossible as I would to put food on the table without money I 
get paid.


"Capitalism" (a word invented by a man who couldn't get a job because he 
was unemployable
and lived on a pension from a 'capitalist': Karl Marx) comes in a 
variety of forms, but it is very,
very convenient for demagogues to have a blanket term to blacken every 
sort of free enterprise.

1. People who are just out for a fast buck and to hell with the punters.

2. People who are trying to make a decent living wage and some extra to 
plough back into
sustaining their company; along with a "conscience".

3. People who haven't a clue about how to run a business and lurch from 
pillar to post.

RunRev clearly fall into category 2.: while I, with my language school 
here in Bulgaria,
fall into category 3.


HOWEVER: if you want a "real" answer to your question, why don't you 
send it to support, and you will
get an answer straight from the "pard's gab" so to say.


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