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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri May 16 19:32:46 EDT 2014

Dar Scott wrote:

 > I don’t see this in the ‘repeat’ entry in the dictionary.

"with messages" is a modifier for the "wait" command - you'll find it 
documented there.

 > So are these two the same but the first has no time hit?
 > repeat … with messages
 >    …
 > end repeat
 > repeat …
 > wait 0 seconds with messages
 >    …
 > end repeat
 > I’ll have to try this.  The wait makes the loop a lot slower.

That old trick for updating the screen was specific to OS X and has been 
fixed with the Cocoa changes for v6.7 - see the comments here from Mark 
Waddingham on a related issue:

To explore the intended uses of "wait <time> with messages" here's a 
demo stack that allows multiple loops to run simultaneously:

 > Unfortunately, a lot of things compile without complaint.

Whenever you find the engine will compile a script that contains syntax 
errors without complaining, please file a bug report.

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