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You're right, the results aren't predictable, as you've seen, since
object-level effects are modified when compounded by an effect applied to
a containing group.  Color sometimes plays factor too.

But realistically, there aren't that many results that are useful.
Generally, I've found the structural blends are most useful for masking
objects and groups, while the imaging blends are more for color/visual
effects, like the standard Photoshop blend modes.


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On 5/15/14 7:42 PM, "Alejandro Tejada" <capellan2000 at> wrote:

>Devin Asay wrote
>> [snip]
>> Yes, I agree that sometimes concepts are too complex to describe in a
>> short, neat label. But in the interface, perhaps the menu could show the
>> effect of the ink visually, or maybe there could be a help button that
>> would pop up a list explaining the inks in simple language.
>This page explains the math of ink effects:
>But the best way to understand ink effects is
>1- creating a stack
>2- import as control a transparent PNG image like:
>3- import as control a second transparent PNG image like:
>4- Place the earth image over the orange. All orange leafs should be still
>5- select both images and group them...
>The stack contains a group of two png images with transparency
>6- Now... change ink effects on every element:
>a) The Group
>b) image Earth
>c) image Orange
>Results are difficult to predict, at least for me... :o
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