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Mike, I did follow the whole "[Off] Cool Plugins thread". I was a bit disappointed that it kind of petered out after several people expressed an interest in helping. I did propose that the forum for plugins and extensions be split in two. My thought being that developing either is very different from the other, and that perhaps a forum focusing on LC-code-only plugins would be more inviting to newcomers.

I do see that people have been volunteering. I thought if we had a group we could designate a code integrator, someone to work on categories, another for UI issues, and so on.

Richard, I'm glad there is talk about mechanisms for contributing fixes. I will look at a couple of my pet "IDE Oddities" with that in mind and try submitting a FIX. Perhaps I can even dig into the RevOnline stack and suggest a FIX or two.

I did participate in the Documentation Brainstorming forum, but I haven't seen much discussion there.

The message I'm getting overall, is that it's too early for anything but simple "FIX" contributions. I'll try to be patient for the coming ideas and solutions for making contributions. (Isn't that, as much as anything, a topic for community discussion?)

In the mean time, I'm going to continue making plugins. I'll add explicit open source licenses to at least some of them. Perhaps some of the ideas and code can be folded in to community efforts later.

Maybe I can even find another list member or two who would be interested in collaborating on a plugin....

- Charles

P.S. I haven't posted any of my plugins on RevOnline, because it crashes LC each time I attempt a login or search.

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> Look at the [Off] Cool Plugins thread.

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