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Charles E Buchwald charles at
Thu May 15 14:40:40 EDT 2014

OK, so what do we have to do, as a community of users, to get RevOnline working again? This seems like a good way to encourage and coordinate community participation. Particularly so because we are talking about LC code, outside of the GitHub ecosystem, and outside of the IDE. And because it's been broken, or at least hobbled, for quite a while.

How about we take a modest plan to the mothership. Perhaps the mothership could appropriately anoint an individual or small team to shepherd a new version of RevOnline? Someone to oversee code integration? This could even serve as a model for further non-GitHub-based community participation....

Richard Gaskin: what's your perspective on this as community liaison?

Other list members: any volunteers?

- Charles

On 15 May 2014, at 1:01 PM, Mike Kerner <MikeKerner at> wrote:

> Charles,
> I was not aware of your add-on.  Your add-on, like numerous other add-ons,
> have not made it to the collective consciousness, yet.  That's exactly why
> we're talking about taking the revOnline project broader and trying to get
> it organized and improved, so that it becomes a catalog of everything you
> might want for LC, all in one place.
> On Thu, May 15, 2014 at 11:57 AM, Charles E Buchwald <charles at>wrote:
>> Mike, this is the part that I don't get about open source... yet. I guess
>> we don't have the community structures to handle it.
>> I mean, I've made that (free) plugin to handle this specific problem.
>> "lcMover" moves stacks/windows around, whether they are off-screen or not.
>> I even added an option recently to specifically move off-screen stacks back
>> on-screen. (Not posted quite yet... on the way.)
>> Isn't the whole open source idea that I could contribute some code for
>> that to the IDE? Preferably without having to write it in C++?
>> Since GitHub doesn't work for this, will we eventually have designated
>> community members to shepherd the integration of code or features like
>> this? That is, a community mechanism for addressing "IDE oddities"?
>> - Charles

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