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There's a small view of two overlapping images at the bottom of the inspector that shows what the ink will do.  

The names of the inks are the same as the ones that Photoshop and many other image processing programs use, so that's a tough call.  Specialists might complain if they are changed.  

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>>> Thanks for the responses folks. Keep them coming, and I'll post a
>> It may be helpful if you'd post your summary to the IDE Contributors
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>>> Here's another one of mine:
>>> Names of blendLevel inks: Whaaa? What do those things even mean?
>> Most of those names come from the bit-wise operations they use, or
>some similar historic origin.
>> While it might be nice to try to craft English-like names for them,
>that's a daunting task - "XOR" is "XOR" in every language, and geeky as
>it is I can't think of any other way to describe it that isn't nearly a
>sentence long. :)
>Yes, I agree that sometimes concepts are too complex to describe in a
>short, neat label. But in the interface, perhaps the menu could show
>the effect of the ink visually, or maybe there could be a help button
>that would pop up a list explaining the inks in simple language.
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