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Thu May 15 11:57:46 EDT 2014

Mike, this is the part that I don't get about open source... yet. I guess we don't have the community structures to handle it.

I mean, I've made that (free) plugin to handle this specific problem. "lcMover" moves stacks/windows around, whether they are off-screen or not. I even added an option recently to specifically move off-screen stacks back on-screen. (Not posted quite yet... on the way.)
Isn't the whole open source idea that I could contribute some code for that to the IDE? Preferably without having to write it in C++?

Since GitHub doesn't work for this, will we eventually have designated community members to shepherd the integration of code or features like this? That is, a community mechanism for addressing "IDE oddities"?

- Charles

On 15 May 2014, at 10:23 AM, Mike Kerner <MikeKerner at> wrote:

> And another:
> If you have your lappie hooked to two monitors at work, and you use both
> monitors, and then you go home, guess what happens to windows, especially
> on a Mac, where you are using multiple workspaces?  That's right, the
> windows, even the LC development windows, are off-screen somewhere at
> 3750,150, and your only hope of getting them back is to figure out what the
> name of the development window is (say, the message box, or a properties
> palette, or maybe the script editor" and then going to the message box and
> moving it manually.
> The good news with most of the things that we complain about is that
> because you can modify LC from within LC, you can fix these things
> yourself.  The bad news is that when you run into these sorts of things,
> there isn't an uproar from the community that puts pressure on Edinburgh to
> drop refactoring the engine to fix something.
> HOWEVER, I think I'd take it this way, because this way, there is an
> economic motive for some author to release a tool that does something
> better than LC does, or is ready before LC might make it a priority.  Yes,
> it costs money to purchase those tools, but it makes the ecosystem better,
> even though the IDE isn't better.

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