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Igor de Oliveira Couto igor at
Thu May 15 00:39:51 EDT 2014

On 15 May 2014, at 12:53 pm, Rodney Green <green.rodney at> wrote:

> [...] I can't figure out how to get this ready to be converted to an array. I
> have not yet installed any plugins or external files, so I was trying to do
> this on my own.

In order to 'convert' your json data to a LiveCode array, you will have to *parse* it: that means, that you will have to write code that breaks down the json text into its different components (json objects and json arrays), extracts the values from these components, and puts these values into a LiveCode array that you can use. 

This is *exactly* what "easyJSON" does. 

You can write it all from again from scratch - it's a good exercise, specially when you are learning a new language - but you might also want to study the code a little first, to get some hints, and to see how others have done it. 

As you develop your own JSON parser, you may find an even better way to do what easyJSON does - and if you do, I hope you'll contribute your code to the easyJSON project! :-)

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Igor Couto
Sydney, Australia

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