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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed May 14 20:26:41 EDT 2014

Glen Bojsza wrote:
> Is there a actual roadmap for "*Linux ARM build of LiveCode*"?

There's no separate Road Map for it yet, and with the team committed to 
the goals outlined in the Kickstarter campaign it's not their highest 

But there is a section of the forums devoted to it, where updates are 
posted from time to time along with community-contributed stacks of 
interest to that segment:

The builds are available at the bottom of the Downloads page:

I don't have a Raspberry Pi myself yet so I can't comment on how 
complete the current build is.  But it seems usable enough for the folks 
in the forum to be building with it, and anything remaining could be 
done by any member of the community with an interest in helping it along.

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