Subscription-based sales system

Pyyhtiä Christer christer at
Wed May 14 06:57:57 EDT 2014

Yes, I did it with on-Rev LiveCode Server. It took a lot of learning, but it works beautifully for Android. I haven't moved to iOS, yet, as want to do that simultaneously moving to LC 7.X for all-unicode and some new capabilities. <but I do not believe there are any problems with iOS or Mac OS/X, but about desktop windows or Linux I do not know.

There were two big hurdles:

1	interpreting the zillion documents related to the stuff and making guesswork what is the right format of accessing data (from Google) - 30%
2	making the subscription management "infrastructure" for all user identification, password etc management - 50%

The rest, 20% of work was related to the actual application.

Please contact me directly if you need some hints.


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