Does exists LiveCode Server Portable...

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Tue May 13 21:08:31 EDT 2014

Hi Richard,

Richard Gaskin wrote
> Many years ago Dr. Raney made a stack available at the old MetaCard site 
> called mchttpd which is exactly that:  a simple Web server built in what 
> was then called MetaCard.
> It still runs in LiveCode, but needed modification to output proper 
> headers for more recent browsers, so with Dr. Raney's permission I've 
> modified it and you can download it here:
> <
> >
> [snip]

Excellent! :D

After clicking the button "START SERVER"
Zone Alarm alerted me that LiveCode
wants to open port 8080. 

After authorizing this connection,
I pasted this in Google Chrome
new tab:


and there it is.
A welcome webpage served by 
mchttpd itself! :D
Just all images links are broken.

This page:
works really fine and now it's my
turn to experiment, change and
extend this basic example.

I just keep wondering:
Does exists a method to use Ralf Bitter's revIgniter
with this server?

By the way, inside the folder cgi-bin
there is a file named: link_MC_here-_
What does this means?

There is no explanation
in this page either:

The server script:
just produces a single character,
the number 1 after running.

Richard, many thanks again for updating and
reposting this stack from your archives!


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