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Tue May 13 16:10:08 EDT 2014

Hi Marty,

Installer Maker is a plug-in and standalone program that can be updated 
for free during 3 months after purchase. During one year after purchase, 
people can buy a new license at a discount price.

Almost everything happens automatically when someone buys a license. I 
only need to press a button to confirm receipt of payment --a step which 
I could easily take out of the process if I wanted to.

The process is the following:
1) someone buys a license using PayPal
2) the server registers payment and PayPal sends an e-mail to me
3) I press the button and an e-mail with the license is sent
4) the license keys of the past 3 months are stored in a database on my 

When someone tries to buy an update
5) the user enters his or her license key in a web form
6) if the license key is in the database, a different web form loads
7) the user can use this web form to buy a discounted license using PayPal
8) see step (2)

This isn't exactly a subscription-based system, because people can still 
use Installer Maker with an expired license; they just can't upgrade at 
the discount price after more than one year. However, the license is 
connected with the date it is created on and thus it is easy to make the 
software stop working entirely when this date is reached.

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On 5/13/2014 19:08, Marty Knapp wrote:
> Has anyone set up sales of their applications on a subscription basis? I
> would want something that could be automated so that if a customer's
> subscription ran out, they could make a payment and be back up and
> running without having to wait. It would be for Mac and Windows - no
> mobile and no app stores.
> Thanks for any input and ideas.
> Marty

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