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On May 12, 2014, at 2:48 PM, Graham Samuel <livfoss at mac.com>

> I've been banging away at LC desktop stuff for a long time, and have not been unduly worried about resolution issues in LC since my current apps make pretty simple assumptions about screen sizes etc. I'm about to plunge back into mobile stuff (iOS, principally) and I need to start understanding what is available to help with things like retina vs non-retina, different screen sizes, not having font sizes that are smaller than the eye can see etc. I got the idea that, really quite a long time ago, RunRev made great strides in helping developers deal with such issues, but I can't easily find a summary of what is now available. AFAICS there is nothing, really nothing, in the User Guide (the word "resolution" appears three times, two of those in relation to printing...).
> Can anyone give me pointers to descriptions of what LC has in its box of tricks for these issues? I am happy to read anything (other than Apple Development documentation, which appears to be written in Martian) but I just don't know where to start.


The good news is that scaling and resolution independence support are now built in to v. 6.5 and higher, and it's pretty easy to support all sizes and resolutions of mobile screens. The fullScreenMode property is your friend here. There are a couple of good tutorials at livecode.com:


To handle image display at different screen densities there is one more wrinkle you need to implement. See this tutorial:


This should get you started, and as I said, it's much, much easier than it was before v. 6.5.



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