Error Messages Are Evil

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Mon May 12 15:06:20 EDT 2014


Idiot programmers. Maybe the same ones who did the Obamacare website. Grrrrrr.

Peter Bogdanoff

Yes; a program is only so good as its programmers have made it; so Donald Norman's anthropomorphic heresy
piling all the blame on some machine is ridiculous.

Nowadays we don't have bad computers; we only have bad programmers.

And, to be honest the bad programmers are not the ones we have to be worried about, as bad programs
can normally be seen a mile off and avoided.

What we have to be worried about MOST are the programmers, who might as such be very good programmers, who
don't have a clue how end-users might respond to their program's interface.



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