functionNames, commandNames, etc. not returning complete list

Mark mark at
Sun May 11 22:05:02 EDT 2014

On 2014-05-11 17:07, Kay C Lan wrote:
> On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 7:12 AM, Robert Brenstein <rjb at> 
> wrote:
>> However, many entries in the dictionary list are synonyms and those 
>> are
>> not included by the functionNames, so the discrepancy is not so big.
>>  <>
> That's interesting for two reasons. Firstly, the Dictionary comments 
> for
> BOTH commandNames and functionNames say:  "including synonyms."
> Secondly, and most importantly, the described use of these functions 
> are:
> "to check whether a particular command/function already exists in 
> LiveCode,
> to avoid using a reserved word for your own custom handlers". The 
> Example
> is to take the result of 'the command/functionNames' and check whether 
> the
> name you want to use is among the lines of the result; so it would seem
> pointless that 'open' not be there because it's a synonym for 'go'.
> open and go are both there, as should all synonyms. If you discover ANY
> commands/functions missing then a Bug Report should be submitted.
> _______________________________________________

Thanks for all the feedback.  It's at least nice to know that I was 
doing it right!  I'll dig through the submitted bugs and see if I can 
find a good place to attach my findings.


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