functionNames, commandNames, etc. not returning complete list

Mark mark at
Sun May 11 18:17:46 EDT 2014

Hi list,

I was mucking around in the IDE trying to get a complete list of 
function names, command names, etc., and wrote a simple script to 
produce a list:

on mouseUp
    put the functionNames into field "Display"
end mouseUp

That produced a rather short list of 290 functions (the dictionary lists 
close to 500).  A quick check showed that there are no entries in the 
output that contain "rev" anything, among others.

I'm assuming, probably incorrectly, that the missing functions are part 
of libraries that are included at standalone build time, such as the 
database libs.

Is there a way to force "functionNames" (and commandNames, etc.) to 
return a complete list?



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