[OFF] Cool Plugins

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Sun May 11 06:41:14 EDT 2014

That's great news. Thank you !

Even if it can't be installed on a shared server, it should still be 
usable from a private one - and therefore usable for many people. Most 
importantly, if it can be installed on a local server for development & 
testing then that would be the way to go. The old on-rev client did 
sometimes suffer performance issues due to the round trip time; on a 
local server (or even the same machine as the developer), that problem 
would disappear and we'd have a very responsive debugging IDE for server 

Thanks again
-- Alex.

On 11/05/2014 02:03, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Alex Tweedly wrote:
> > The other area I'm even more interested in is RunRev's other major
> > "orphan" - the on-rev client, and LCServer live debugger. That was a
> > great idea - and the debugger still has the potential to be a unique
> > advantage for LC server; unfortunately, the original on-rev client
> > was only a minimal implementation, and has been abandoned.
> Not abandoned, it turns out:  I asked about that in our last meeting, 
> and it's very much in development again.  In fact they had a dev 
> working on it during our call.
> They're keen to post an announcement when the new version of that is 
> releasable, hopefully just another couple weeks.
> > And the other "mistake" (IMHO) was to keep this debugging as a
> > feature that was "unique to on-rev" rather than "unique to LC
> > server".
> Maybe, but I'm not clear if it can be done from an ordinary CGI setup 
> or requires mods to Apache config, which would make it unusable to 
> everyone on a shared host.
> I'll ask them....

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