LiveCode Performance Examples

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Fri May 9 14:26:56 EDT 2014

Michael McCreary wrote
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> This is where you come in.  We want to know how you use LiveCode and 
> what areas you think can be improved on performance wise. Having real 
> world examples of slowdowns and performance bottlenecks will allow us 
> focus our energies on improving the correct areas.
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For example, this bug:
Normal Image Quality looks the same as Good Image Quality 

could be responsable for this another bug:
Dramatic slowdown while resizing images by script

On Friday 11-04-2014, Mark Waddingham wrote: 

>I can confirm the slow-down - this is due to the changes to image filtering
>made in 6.6. We need to revise that slightly I think as 'normal' now does
>filtering on all platforms where as before it was a box filter on Mac and a 
>nearest filter on other platforms. (The 'normal' filter now appears to be a 
>fair bit slower). 


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