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Michael McCreary michael.mccreary at
Fri May 9 12:58:39 EDT 2014

Dear List Members,

Over the next few months, we'll be working on improving the performance 
of LiveCode. We'll be looking at all aspects of the product, but will be 
focusing particularly on the graphical side of things.

Naturally, we have earmarked a few areas of the engine where we think 
can improve things. These have come primarily from our knowledge of the 
engine's internals. Whilst it's all well and good improving these areas, 
if they don't offer any real improvement to the end user, or the use 
case for the improvement is limited, there's little point in pursuing them.

This is where you come in.  We want to know how you use LiveCode and 
what areas you think can be improved on performance wise. Having real 
world examples of slowdowns and performance bottlenecks will allow us 
focus our energies on improving the correct areas.

So, if you have any example stacks demonstrating where you have 
experienced poor performance in LiveCode, we'd really like to see them. 
Ideally they'd be stacks where the problem has been isolated allowing us 
to measure performance (and any subsequent improvements due to our 
work). But anything goes really. It can be surprising how such simple 
things can have a seemingly very large impact on the performance of an app.

Either post your stacks to the list or, if you prefer, email them 
directly to me.

We have no fixed agenda as to how we're going to approach this, so your 
input really will help direct our efforts.

Many thanks,


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