Digest Access Authentication with cookie? How

Matthias Rebbe | M-R-D matthias_livecode_150811 at m-r-d.de
Thu May 8 19:06:06 EDT 2014


i need to connect to a webserver which uses Digest Access Authentication to use its API.
 If i understood the documentation right, then the server does use a cookie to store the session.

Is there a way to do this in livecode? 

When i try this in Safari then it works w/o problems. But when trying this in livecode i do not get the information i get when doing it in Safari.
I think i have to fetch the cookie and send a  modified http header to the server. But i do not know the steps are needed for this

In the Browser the following line for example gives back the correct information from the server


After one successful login a cookie is stored on the hard disk and i can connect to the server without any problems.

But in LC i just get some html code back which does not contain the data i see in the browser.

I tried already to use libUrlLastRhHeaders(), but cannot find any cookie information in it.
I read  that i have to set the httpheader before doing another api request. But how do i get the cookie information?

Does anyone know what i have to do?



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