FOLLOW UP: iOS Provisioning Profiles - Dev vs. Production

Mike Kerner MikeKerner at
Thu May 8 17:49:32 EDT 2014


For internal/client distribution, why not use testApp?  You can completely
bypass the app store that way.

On Thu, May 8, 2014 at 5:01 PM, Dan Friedman <dan at>wrote:

> If you've seen me on this list during the last week (see also "iOS App
> Crash"), you know that I have been trying to track down a problem with an
> update to one of my iOS apps that was crashing on launch after installing
> from the App Store.  It didn't matter what version of the OS you were
> running or what device you had.  It was crashing on an update and a clean
> install.  The app ran without error in LC, the simulator and a real device
> (with the dev profile).  We were experiencing a 100% crash rate - reported
> by users calling and eMailing us - not to mention the not-so-nice reviews
> people were leaving in the app store.
> If the app crashes for everyone, how could it have passed Apple's app
> review process?  We were completely stumped.
> Then we thought... Could it be?  Could the error be with the All Mighty
> Powerful Apple?
> I contacted Apple and started a support ticket.  They of course gave me
> the runaround, "try this" (wait 24 hours for a response), "try that" (wait
> another 24 hours).  All the responses I got translated to: "go away kid, ya
> bother me".  Then I was told that they can only support apps that are
> created in XCode [not LiveCode].  They apparently had no interested in even
> looking at the app for signs of corruption.  Even the crash reports I
> provided pointed to something fishy.  If I wanted to explore a problem in
> the App Store, I would have to contact another department and start a new
> ticket.  Ug.
> Oh yeah, did I mention that the client is breathing down my neck demanding
> answers and action because his app has been down for a week!
> Anyway, we took the same LC stack and upped the version number.  Using the
> same computer, with the same version of LC and the same version of XCode,
> we built a new standalone.  We submitted the new (but same) app to the app
> store and requested an expedited review which Apple shockingly granted.
>  The app passed review and was released in the app store... What a shock!
>  It worked perfectly!
> Apple will never confirm, but we are 100% convinced that the app was
> corrupted after it passed review and was copied to the app store.
> It's been a long week.  I'm going to take a nap.
> -Dan
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