Resizing a group's controls when the group is resized

Peter Haworth pete at
Thu May 8 17:30:15 EDT 2014

I have a resizeControl handler for a group in which I've tried changing the
height and width of the controls in the group but I can't get it to work
correctly.  The lockLocation of the controls in the group is set true.

To narrow down the problem, I changed the resizeControl handler to have
just one command in it:

set the width of field "Data" of me to (the width of me - the borderwidth
of me)

When I drag the right handle of the group, it kinda works although the
group handles move in a very jerky fashion until I let go the mouse.

However, if I try to change the height of the group by dragging on its
bottom handle, the group gets wider not taller no matter whether I drag up
or down!!

I feel like I'm missing something obvious, hopefully someone can tell me
what it is.

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