FOLLOW UP: iOS Provisioning Profiles - Dev vs. Production

Dan Friedman dan at
Thu May 8 17:01:35 EDT 2014

If you've seen me on this list during the last week (see also "iOS App Crash"), you know that I have been trying to track down a problem with an update to one of my iOS apps that was crashing on launch after installing from the App Store.  It didn't matter what version of the OS you were running or what device you had.  It was crashing on an update and a clean install.  The app ran without error in LC, the simulator and a real device (with the dev profile).  We were experiencing a 100% crash rate - reported by users calling and eMailing us - not to mention the not-so-nice reviews people were leaving in the app store.

If the app crashes for everyone, how could it have passed Apple's app review process?  We were completely stumped.

Then we thought... Could it be?  Could the error be with the All Mighty Powerful Apple?

I contacted Apple and started a support ticket.  They of course gave me the runaround, "try this" (wait 24 hours for a response), "try that" (wait another 24 hours).  All the responses I got translated to: "go away kid, ya bother me".  Then I was told that they can only support apps that are created in XCode [not LiveCode].  They apparently had no interested in even looking at the app for signs of corruption.  Even the crash reports I provided pointed to something fishy.  If I wanted to explore a problem in the App Store, I would have to contact another department and start a new ticket.  Ug.

Oh yeah, did I mention that the client is breathing down my neck demanding answers and action because his app has been down for a week!

Anyway, we took the same LC stack and upped the version number.  Using the same computer, with the same version of LC and the same version of XCode, we built a new standalone.  We submitted the new (but same) app to the app store and requested an expedited review which Apple shockingly granted.  The app passed review and was released in the app store... What a shock!  It worked perfectly!

Apple will never confirm, but we are 100% convinced that the app was corrupted after it passed review and was copied to the app store.

It's been a long week.  I'm going to take a nap.


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