iOS Provisioning Profiles - Dev vs. Production

Dan Friedman dan at
Tue May 6 14:12:02 EDT 2014


Thanks for the reply.  Both profiles are far from expiring, and the app doesn't have any in-app purchases.

I am thinking that something happened to the app after apple reviewed it, and it was posted to the app store. I'm thinking of just uploading another binary and seeing what happens.  Don't know what else to do?


> Hi Dan
> Sorry to hear about your troubles - grasping at straws here but its the only
> thing that comes to mind - what are the expiry dates on your distribution
> provisioning profile and distribution signing identity? Is it possible that
> they were OK during development and Apple review but that one or both of
> them has now expired? 
> Also, do you have in-app purchases, anything in there in the 'sandbox mode'
> not in the production mode, or vice versa? 
> Good luck!
> Dave
> PS: my own experience with the Apple Support Centre was slightly
> underwhelming and you are probably better off to rely on your own devices,
> forums, mailing lists etc

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