Mike Kerner MikeKerner at
Tue May 6 09:20:01 EDT 2014

Because in my experience, an object is too abstract in the beginning and it
isn't a natural word that people relate to right off-the-top.  It FEELS
like vocabulary.  You say "button", and folks feel at home.  Then you tell
them that all these different things are buttons - radios, checkboxes,
default buttons, regular buttons, etc., and the picture forms.  Pretty soon
they start to abstract it on their own - a button is something that you
click/tap that does something.  It isn't something you type into.  Those
are fields.  OK, I've heard of fields.  I know what fields are.  So I've
got buttons and fields.

As long as we're still talking about this, "on" might also be another
state, e.g. if mySwitch is on, but I agree with Scott - hilight should be
left as-is.  "Checked" is too specific to the appearance of a checkbox.  On
mobile, though, there are very few checkboxes, but lots of two-position

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On the second day, God created the oceans.
On the third day, God put the animals on hold for a few hours,
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And God said, "This is good."

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