[OT] For Mark Laffoon: Scripter's Scrapbook

FlexibleLearning.com admin at FlexibleLearning.com
Tue May 6 05:09:24 EDT 2014


Your gmail account is bouncing my emails to you. 

Since a Scrapbook link requires some text or an in-line image, you could try
using the API and ssBkSetEntryData (#17 in the API webpage) to set the
required link as htmlText...

ssBkSetEntryData "MyEntry","Code","This is a <B>test</B>","HTML"

LiveCode's htmlText has recently changed a bit, so the exact format may need
some trial and error!

Hugh Senior

> Message:  I have been banging away at the API, and have not found a 
> way to include a link to another entry when setting an entries data. 
> Any way I can do this?

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