v7 Unicode and MySQL

Tim Selander selander at tkf.att.ne.jp
Tue May 6 03:37:54 EDT 2014


Wondering if anyone has used/tested v7 with a UTF8 MySQL database 

My old handlers that relied on picking up a query using the 
unicodeText, uniDecode, uniEncode, etc. work under v6 and 
earlier, as well as under v7:

  --fld "query" contains SQL query, mix of English & Japanese text
put the unicodeText of field "query" into locSQLParams
put uniDecode(locSQLParams, "UTF8") into locSQLParams

put revDataFromQuery(, , vDatabaseID, locSQLParams) into myResult

set the unicodetext of fld queryresults to  uniEncode(myResult, 

Under v7 I was hoping to simplify the above script by avoiding 
unicodeText, etc., but haven't hit on a working solution yet...


Tim Selander
Tokyo, Japan

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