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Thanks Jacquelin,

I'm still in coding "kindergarten" and need everything spelled out!

Not until you mentioned that the ability to paste elsewhere would depend on the receiving app's ability, did I even think about that.  I just go around assuming that everything is supposed to work "right."  So "copy img 1" works fine and I can paste into Microsoft Word with no problem.  However, my email program, Outlook Express, (also from Microsoft) will not recognize the img being on the clipboard.  I had been using Outlook Express to test the pasting, not even thinking that it lacks the ability.  And that is the eternal question:  "Why would Microsoft program Word with the ability to paste the copy, but not program their email app, Outlook Express, to also paste the copy?"

A person could go crazy trying to answer that question, so I won't bother. (and anyway, a lot of people think I'm already half-way there!)

Thanks again for helping me figure out what was going on!!

> It works with either of these:
> copy img 1
> set the clipboarddata["image"] to img 1
> So maybe we need a way to specify that only a certain format should be 
> included in the image content. I would guess the ability to paste 
> elsewhere would depend on the receiving app's ability to separate the 
> two formats and choose one. Graphic Converter is good that way, it puts 
> up a dialog and asks which one to use.
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