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Mon May 5 12:42:28 EDT 2014

Hello Jacqueline,

Thanks for trying to help, but I am still lost.  I used your:
  put the clipboarddata["image"]
in a variety of ways, but could not make it work.  The dictionary says "set the clipboardData..."  not put.

Then I used this code in a button:

on mouseUp

set the clipboardData["image"] to image myLastImage

put the clipboard

end mouseUp

The message box pops up saying "image"

BUT, I still having nothing on my Windows (XP) clipboard!!

I can copy from just about any other application on my computer, but not from LiveCode.

sadly, Larry

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> On 5/5/14, 5:50 AM, larry at wrote:
>> I'm using 6.1.1 (rc 4)
>> I cannot figure out how to copy an image (that is imported into my
>> stack) to the clipboard
>> I am using;
>> copy image "myImage"
>> And the image does not end up in the clipboard Nothing, nada, zip,
>> zilch
> It should be there, but since it isn't text you need to use the expanded 
> clipboard syntax:
>   put the clipboarddata["image"]
> will give you the binary data. If you ask for the type of content in the 
> clipboard:
>  put the clipboard
> it should say "objects". You can paste the image, or set the imagedata 
> of another image to the clipboarddata["image"].
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