Call for testing with 6.6.2 RC3

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon May 5 11:47:52 EDT 2014

On 5/5/14, 1:06 AM, Earthednet-wp wrote:
> I have a very simple test stack the moves 3 colored rectangles to
> random positions, then takes a snapshot. Without a wait before the
> snapshot command, it doesn't get the snapshot. Or, it takes the
> snapshot before the randomization finishes. I'm new to livecode, so
> I'm not sure what background processes are about, and how they are
> initiated, or what effect they might have on the snapshot.

Okay, that could explain it. If you are using "move without waiting", it 
executes concurrently as the rest of the handler runs, so the snapshot 
command will execute immediately after the move command is issued. The 
solution should be not to use "without waiting", just use a plain "move" 
command which will block the rest of the handler until the move 
completes. (You can lock moves to get all the blocks to move at once 
when you unlock moves.)

If you aren't using "without waiting" then there's something else going 
on. Since it worked before you may have found a bug. But I get the 
impression your real stack doesn't use a move command, so that's not 
necessarily the problem.

By "background activity" I just meant any other handlers in your script 
that might be executing concurrently with the snapshot handler. Move 
would be one, provided "without waiting" is specified. Pending messages 
from other handlers would be another, since they will execute during the 
waits in the script. The "load url" command, or getting a URL from a web 
site could be executing in the background.

Since the test stack doesn't have the problem, it's likely to be 
something in one of the other scripts in the real stack that's 
interfering. Normally that shouldn't happen because handlers execute one 
line at a time, in order, and each line must complete before the next 
one triggers. But a few things can interrupt that process, and I think 
something in your stack is doing that.

Or else it's a bug. Which it could be, since you say it used to work and 
now it doesn't. The trouble with this stuff is that it's very hard to 
pin down.

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