Big bug smackdown! - check your In Box

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon May 5 11:07:42 EDT 2014

Thanks to everyone who pitched in with the testing of v6.6.2RC3 over the 
weekend.  10 new bug reports were submitted, and the dev team is looking 
into those this morning.

Looking at the bigger picture of RunRev's Big Bug Smackdown:

Over the years many of us have submitted bug reports, and although 
recently-submitted reports have usually been acted on very quickly, 
there are many older bug reports still in the system.

One of the challenges with older reports is that so much has happened 
with the engine since they were submitted, esp. in recent versions, that 
many of these issues have been addressed in the course of making other 
changes to the engine.  Each of these needs to be re-tested to see if 
the problem still exists in newer versions.

Looking at the scope of this challenge, Ben came up with a remarkably 
convenient solution:

If you've submitted any bug reports to the LiveCode bug database, by now 
you should have received an email from RunRev listing all those that are 
outstanding, with a convenient link to open it in your browser.

Right now their focus is on bugs rather than enhancement requests, so 
your email should include only bugs for now - once those are addressed 
the team will be in a good position to triage enhancement requests later.

Please take some time over the next week or two to test each of those 
outstanding bug reports in the email sent to you against either the most 
recent shipping version, 6.6.1, or the next release, 6.6.2 RC3.

Those of you who've already begun on this have made a noticeable 
difference:  of the 450 outstanding bugs prior to the mailing, that 
number has now been reduced to 327, with more than 60 bug reports having 
been closed by members of the community.

I recognize that testing can be time-consuming, and we all have other 
work to attend to as well.  In fact, I've only re-tested a handful of 
the reports in my own list, though I plan to finish them by the end of 
this week.

Each of us uses LiveCode in different ways, some of us needing database 
support, others multimedia, etc., and with a language as rich and 
flexible as LiveCode this sort of effort from each of us is needed to 
ensure the work we do with LiveCode is solidly supported.

Challenging as it is for all of us, thorough QA initiatives like this 
will help us all have a LiveCode we can rely on for the work we do, and 
be proud to share with our friends and co-workers.

For anyone who didn't get the original email Ben sent out, next week 
he'll be sending out a second email noting the subset of your bug 
reports still outstanding in the system.

Thanks to all those who've been re-checking their reports, and those who 
will doing that over the next two weeks.

  Richard Gaskin
  LiveCode Community Manager
  richard at

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