Community standards for a LEGO kit?

Charles E Buchwald charles at
Mon May 5 09:39:21 EDT 2014

There are DropTools, PowerTools, tmControl, MobGUI, and some others which I'm sure I'm forgetting, so I daresay it's an idea that's been attempted a few times.

I like very much the idea of "a LEGO kit" for, let's say, casual or beginning programmers. I've known many designers who dabble in programming who would find such a thing very useful for prototyping UI/UX. The few times I've shown LIveCode to kids, the drag-and-drop stuff is a nice place to start.

I think the users who are most likely to really get into that LEGO kit are likely to do so with the Community version. What's the possibility of a community effort towards defining a standard, or some kind of interoperability, for LEGO-like components?

- Charles

On 05 May 2014, at 7:34 AM, Richmond <richmondmathewson at> wrote:

> ... Apart from that; it is tied to one platform (admittedly the dominant one right now), has a clunky
> programming language, and has its feet in 2 camps: being neither a full-blown object oriented
> IDE, nor a LEGO kit for non-programmers....

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