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I have a very simple test stack the moves 3 colored rectangles to random positions, then takes a snapshot. Without a wait before the snapshot command, it doesn't get the snapshot. Or, it takes the snapshot before the randomization finishes. I'm new to livecode, so I'm not sure what background processes are about, and how they are initiated, or what effect they might have on the snapshot. 

The handler I listed was from my application. Tomorrow, when I get back to my computer, I'll post the short code I use in my test stack.

Btw, how do I look for background activity?


William Prothero

> On May 4, 2014, at 9:39 PM, "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at> wrote:
> Bill,
> I don't see anything in the handler that should require a wait, if that's all that is going on. Is the map still loading while you're trying to get the snapshot? Any pending messages? Even so it doesn't make sense, because once a handler triggers it should run to completion. Normally any pending messages will be suspended until the handler finishes, but the waits in this one will allow them to process. Then when the pending activity is done, the original handler picks up where it left off. But maybe that's not happening, or maybe the background activity is exiting to top.
> Anyway, I'd look for background activity. An error in another script that runs during the wait may be causing all scripts to abort.
> I can't think why you'd need to add the wait in the first place though. If you remove all waits from your test stack, does it still work there?
>> On 5/4/14, 10:21 PM, prothero at wrote:
>> Jacqueline:
>> Thanks for responding. I can’t reproduce the problem with my test stack,
>> which works fine. My actual application is more complicated, and has a
>> fairly large map image. So, I’m wondering if that might be the cause and
>> I’ll have to make some tests. RC3 worked initially, but began failing
>> intermittently after a few seconds using the app. Incidentally, unless I
>> put a “wait 0.1 seconds with messages” before the snapshot command,
>> neither 6.6 or 6.6.2RC3 works. I tried the try/catch (no errors thrown(
>> and putting the result, which always returns a rect of the capture
>> region, it seems.
>> The code I use for my application is:
>> on copyMapToSnap
>>    put the name of me into thisImage
>>    set the visible of thisImage to FALSE
>>    wait for 0.1 seconds with messages
>>    --wait for 1 seconds with messages
>>    put the rect of this stack into stackRect
>>    put rectLeft(stackRect)&","&rectTop(stackRect) into theOffset
>> --this is the point at the topleft of the stack window
>>    put the rect of graphic "MapBox" into theRect  --This is relative to
>> the stack
>>    put offsetRect(theRect,theOffset) into snapRect--offset the capture
>> rect to absolute screen coordinates
>>    put adjustSizeOfRect(snapRect,1,1,-1,-1) into snapRect  --remove
>> border of grahics box
>>    --wait for 0.1 seconds with messages
>>    --wait for 1 seconds --with messages
>>    --try
>>       export snapshot from rect  snapRect to image "mapSnap"
>>    --catch theError
>>       --answer theError
>>  -- end try
>>    put the result
>>    --wait for 0.1 seconds with messages
>>    --wait for 1.1 seconds
>>    put adjustSizeOfRect(theRect,1,1,-1,-1) into snapRect  --theRect is
>> relative to the stack
>>    set the rect of image "mapSnap" to snapRect  --now set the captured
>> rect to the mapbox rect
>>    wait for 0 seconds with messages
>>    set the visible of thisImage to TRUE
>> end copyMapToSnap
>> In the absence of ideas from this list, I’m going to try adding some
>> complexity to the test stack and see if I can find what causes the failure.
>> Best,
>> Bill
>> Prothero William
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