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This is a very good point; you should paste it into a bug report. I've 
noticed the same discrepancies in the dictionary and had to think twice 
about what some of those entries meant.

On 5/4/14, 9:39 PM, Kay C Lan wrote:
> Maybe it's not an inaccuracy as such, but I think there is a gotcha for Mac
> users new to LC when referring to the Dictionary and the User Guide. The
> User Guide typically uses the terms Mac OS and Mac OS X as interchangeable
> (Page 11 - 7.13.6 Menu Bars on Mac OS Systems [no mention of Mac OS X
> menubars]. As the latest LC doesn't build for OS 9, and a new user to LC
> isn't ever likely to think about building for OS 9, this is completely
> acceptable and understandable. But, the Dictionary does distinguish between
> Mac OS and Mac OS X because many of the references do date back to OS 9
> compatibility. See the entry for specialFolderPath(). The problem arises
> when an entry or example ONLY has a reference to Mac OS - see 'address' in
> the Dictionary.
> Any new user to LC who reads the User Guide and reads Mac OS will think OS
> X, and that is basically correct. But when they go to the Dictionary and
> see examples that are only Mac OS, they'll think they'll work on OS X and
> there is a good chance they'd be very frustrated because they do exactly
> what the example says but the do NOT get the result the Dictionary say they
> should get.
> Every example in the Dictionary for Mac OS [Classic] needs to be removed
> and replaced with an OS X example if it doesn't exist, or if it does, a
> much more useful iOS example, if applicable.
> There are the odd entries in the User Guide where the differentiation
> between Mac OS and Mac OS X is made (11.3.2 OS X file Types. 11.3.3 Mac OS
> Classic File Types), I'm not sure 11.3.3 is of much use to anyone today.
> I think the last version of Revolution to run on Mac OS was 2.6.1 so the
> User Guide and Dictionary need to be standardised so that ONLY the term OS
> X is used, or if the TM & Logo Police so dictate, Mac OS X. All references
> to Mac OS should be removed as there is no longer a need for Classic
> information.
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