Reporting the number of duplicates in a list of numbers?

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Sun May 4 23:14:49 EDT 2014

This might get you started, in the msg box:

put "3,5,6,6,24,24,24,33,130,109" into tData
--if the data comes from the db as seperate lines, then
--repeat for each line tRecord in tData
--if data comes in from db as a list
repeat for each item tRecord in tData
 add 1 to aCount[tRecord]
end repeat
--now output results
repeat for each key tKey in aCount
  put tKey & " = " & aCount[tKey] & cr after msg
end repeat

The output I get is:

109 = 1
3 = 1
130 = 1
5 = 1
33 = 1
24 = 3
6 = 2


On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 10:58 AM, JOHN PATTEN <johnpatten at> wrote:

> Hi All…
> I am attempting to get the total number of times specific words in a text
> passage are selected by students. The way I’m doing this is by recording
> the word numbers selected by each student and storing them in a database.
>  I end up with list of numbers representing the selected words, something
> like this:
> 3
> 5
> 6
> 6
> 24
> 24
> 24
> 33
> 130
> 109
>  … etc. etc. I would like to determine the number of times the same words
> are selected by the students and then control their font size, make the
> font size larger the more often the text is selected. So the teacher’s
> report would be the same passage of text with the font sizes of the text
> increased based on how many times the word was selected by the students.
> I’m not sure how to get the counts for the selected words. These list of
> word numbers could be quite long, depending on how many students are in the
> class and the length of the passage. I have not done anything like this
> before so I’m looking for any advice. Should I be dumping the list into an
> array and then working some kind of array magic? Can I just use a repeated
> find script and increment a variable for each item in my list?
> I didn’t want to spin my wheels too long, and this is probably pretty
> basic, but I can’t remember coding a solution to something like this in the
> past.
> Thank you!
> John Patten
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