Call for testing with 6.6.2 RC3

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun May 4 18:02:09 EDT 2014

On 5/4/14, 3:25 PM, Earthednet-wp wrote:
> I'm having troubles with making snapshots on this release. I have
> numerous images and the snapshot (previously fine on 6.6) is not
> reliably working, even tho I have is wrapped in wait 0.1 seconds with
> messages.
> A test stack worked, so it may be the other images on my card. I'll
> try some other experiments to test this.

Maybe there's a reason I'm not aware of, but I've never needed any wait 
commands, LC always completes the current statement before moving on to 
the next one. It would be helpful to know what exactly doesn't work, the 
syntax you're using, and what OS you're on.

Have you tried checking "the result" or wrapping the command in a "try" 
statement to catch any errors?

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