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Dave Kilroy dave at
Sun May 4 14:38:15 EDT 2014

Hi all

My BIG news is that I've got LC server running on Mavericks! Yea! 

What I was doing wrong was thinking that in the lesson that Richard
mentioned (which I have gone through umpteen times in the last few months)
that "livecode-cgi" was a literal that I should use - eventually with some
help from Gregg Flora (as well as Richard and Peter here) the penny dropped
- and when I substituted "livecode-cgi" with "cgi-bin" in my httpd.conf file
- then restarted Apache - it just worked!

Well Duh! What a moron I've been! I think I'll make a comment on that
lesson's page just in case anyone else is as silly as I...

Thank you for all your help :)

Kind regards


PS: I'm running Mavericks with Mamp and VirtualHostX and was struggling to
install LiveCode Community Server 6.6.1

"Some are born coders, some achieve coding, and some have coding thrust upon them." - William Shakespeare & Hugh Senior

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