Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sat May 3 15:46:40 EDT 2014

On 03/05/14 22:36, Dar Scott wrote:
> I don’t agree.
> There is nothing wrong with using this:
>     put x into field y
> We can’t say that real programmers use this:
>     set the text of y to x

Please, whatever else we may "fight" about, do not mention 'real 
programmers': it makes me think
of phrases such as 'real men' (something that I have always regarded as 
largely semantically empty).

My objection is that having taught them one way to do something you 
might want, later on, to teach them the "standard" way of doing things, 
at which point they have to unlearn learnt habits, and that
tales time.

> I see nothing wrong with teaching the first, before showing it is the same as the latter.
> Indeed, the hello world is this:
>     put “Hello World!” into field “Greeting”

That "Hello World!" thing has always struck me as demeaning to the 
student; I tend to find
that, with Primary kids at least, the thing that gets their digestive 
juices going is to get them to
type their names into a field, hit a button and get "Hello, Fred" 
(assuming their name is 'Fred'):
tickles their egos far more than "Hello World!"

> Though I have never had a kid use “Hello World!” even the first time.  OK, maybe a big sister.
> Dar


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