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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat May 3 15:29:24 EDT 2014

Dave Kilroy wrote:

> Compared to mobile and desktop LC server has received a fraction of the
> attention in books/publications and a book focusing on it would be very
> welcome. I'll buy your book, and I bet loads of others will as well - so
> please do write it!

These days an increasing number of desktop apps, and perhaps a majority 
of mobile apps, make use of server resources, so LC Server is fast 
becoming increasingly important for all of us.

One of the challenges with any server setup is that each of the two main 
categories (dedicated server and shared server) has many different 
requirements, depending on the particulars of the OS and the hosting 

Given the wide range of difference in play, I believe this is a job best 
suited for a community effort than a single person could hope to 
complete on their own.  There are just too many possible combinations of 
factors that can come into play to expect anyone to try them all, but 
together we can.

I've been gathering notes and tips for LC server installation and usage, 
along with related info like bash basics, rsync, shared SSH keys and 
other extras useful for server admin tasks, and will begin rolling these 
out at in the coming weeks.

LiveCode Journal had been in a rather stagnant situation given the 
difficulty of growing a site based on static pages.  So two weeks ago I 
converted the site to a new CMS - made with LiveCode, of course.

The new CMS was a necessary step for any new sections of the site, such 
as the forthcoming LiveCode Server Center.

I mention this not to dissuade anyone ambitious enough to attempt to 
write a book about it, but I feel given the breadth of info related to 
server stuff it's ideally suited for a form that can grow dynamically 
over time like a web site.  And given the growing importance of LC 
Server for all of us, I feel having as much information freely available 
for everyone is critical for its increasing adoption.

As with everything in RevNet and on LiveCode Journal, the new Server 
Center will be useful to the degree that we can coordinate contributions 
from others.  I'd love to have the time to write everything myself, but 
I need to split my time with commercial work, and server info is too 
broad for one person to handle anyway.

Anyone interested in participating with tips and tutorials for this or 
anything else you'd like to see at LiveCode Journal can write me at the 
address below any time and we'll work out the mechanics to make that happen.

LiveCode Journal already hosts the discussion list for Ralf Bitter's 
excellent RevIgniter framework, and I'm happy to make that server 
available for anything else of value to the community.

> PS: can you include a section on how to install LC server locally on a mac
> as I still haven't succeeded in doing this :)

Have you found this?:

It's a bit buried in a taxonomy that's been improved recently but still 
needs some cleanup, but hopefully it'll be helpful.

If you find anything there is inaccurate or incomplete please file a 
documentation bug against it.

  Richard Gaskin
  LiveCode Community Manager
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