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On 5/3/14, 12:30 PM, Klaus major-k wrote:
> No, I think this is about setting the file's visible
 > attribute via shell. "attrib -H" or something...

Yeah. That.

Personally I don't think it matters, but my client is worried that 
novice users won't know what to click on. The folder contains only two 
files -- the exe and revsecurity.dll. As I understand it, clicking on a 
dll doesn't do anything (except maybe a notification) so it won't hurt.

The bigger concern for me is that the app won't function at all without 
the dll, and if the user can't see it, they are likely to move the app 
out of the folder, which will break it. Leaving it visible at least 
gives a clue that there's something else there.

I have scripts in place that will re-write the dll to disk if it does 
get separated, but that can fail if the disk is write protected or 
permissions get in the way.

It would be nice if we didn't need those separate files. OS X apps have 
one too (a dylib file) but it is inside the bundle so users don't 
notice. That's what the client wants for Windows too, but we'd need to 
talk to MicroSoft about that.

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