snapshot acting funny in 6.6.2 (rc 3)

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Fri May 2 21:52:09 EDT 2014

My application scrolls and resizes a large map for plotting data. The view rectangle shows only a portion of it. I make a copy of the visible part using snapshot. That way I can put symbols on the viewable part of the large map without having to reload it when it is erased. The command is:

—do some stuff
wait for 0 seconds with messages
export snapshot from rect  snapRect to image  “mapSnap”
—do more stuff

In LC 6.6, all works fine. I have to put the wait command prior to the snapshot command.
wait 0 seconds with messages. 

When I tried the project in version 6.6.2 (rc3), the snapshot command stopped working. If I put a breakpoint to stop the script at the snapshot command, it works. So what I’m wondering is if I’ve done something wrong, and 6.6.2 has different timing, or what I might do to make this work in 6.6.2. Or, could it be a bug? I set the wait time prior to doing the snapshot to 1 second, and it made no difference.


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